Ruby Gardner Records at Verkstad

Imagine a spirited, eleven-year-old girl. A girl who simply loves to sing, everywhere. She learns guitar songs, she plays the ukulele. When the chords are hard, she doesn’t give up; she keeps practicing and believing in herself. This week, a very excited Ruby Jean Gardner came to Verkstad to record two songs in her Poppop’s music studio. Over the course of two days, working alongside John, Ruby came to truly understand the power of both her own voice and the world of recorded music. Every Adele, every Judy Collins, every Joan Baez experienced a “first” recording session - that time when they realized that their voice was bigger than they ever imagined. These are Ruby’s first recorded songs.

Mosaic Workshop #1 Was a Smash!

Imagine the sound of hammers popping against ceramic plates and vases. Imagine music and laughter as a gentle summer rain falls outside. Imagine seven people, previously unknown to one another, deep in the “zone” of creating. Conversation shifts from the memories associated with objects, to the slowing and speeding up of time; from what young women look for in relationships, to the decorating covenants at assisted living apartments. Yup!

Last night seven women, aged 19 to 75, lapped up three hours of pure creation. In the end, there were six stunning products, waiting to be completed for pick up. There were seven newfound friends who each came to know unusual and interesting things about one another.

This is what happens when people “drop in” to a creative interest and bring their best selves to a safe and pre-prepared space. No set up or clean up - just dive in. Everything was ready for experimentation and delight. Stacks of multicolored plates, bins of ceramic objects and unusual tiles, boxes of loose jewelry - all waiting to be selected, broken and dissembled - then reassembled on 12” X 12” pavers. Each paver became a kind of snapshot of its creator; captured on this one summer’s eve. Though it was not a banquet, it was an entirely delicious evening!

And the best part? There are more workshops coming up! Go to our shop to choose one, or head on over to Meetup to sign up :)

You are the Leonardo da Vinci of Product Management

How many times have you heard a product manager described as being a “jack of all trades, but master of none?"

Have you ever heard your own PM job characterized as having “all of the responsibility, but none of the authority?"

While not particularly optimistic assessments, perhaps, there is good news:

You are the Leonardo da Vinci of product management!

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