You are the Leonardo da Vinci of Product Management

How many times have you heard a product manager described as being a “jack of all trades, but master of none?"

Have you ever heard your own PM job characterized as having “all of the responsibility, but none of the authority?"

While not particularly optimistic assessments, perhaps, there is good news:

You are the Leonardo da Vinci of product management!

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Life Lessons 1938

Learning to knit was not easy. The lessons had continued throughout winter. The young girl sat on one side of the room while taking instructions from her mother, who sat on the other side. It had been years since the two had shared a meal at the same table or exchanged an embrace. Tuberculosis’ afternoon fever blazed in the mother’s cheeks.

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Operation Basement Studio, Part One: The Hobo Room

Most artists know that inspiration requires visualization, preparation, and finally, perspiration. The muse can strike at any time, but if your tools are not readily accessible, the idea may bolt before taking form. And if there isn't even a space in which to keep your tools, much less use them? Well, that's a problem. So, this winter our top priority is the building of a basement recording studio.

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Anatomy of an album cover

Seattle musician Dick Rossetti and his band The Jilly Rizzo needed art for their release 3 Strike Mooser. I met with Dick to discuss ideas. He told me that he wanted something irreverent, fun and maybe even a little racy. That could mean a lot of things, so in an attempt to narrow that down a bit, I asked him what kind of album art he liked. Dick's taste is very broad, but he kept coming back to the classic Blue Note Records designs of the 50s and 60s. Which sent me to the internet for inspiration.

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