Mixed media on wood, 6" X 6" to 10" X 10"

I often have several smaller projects going at once in between larger pieces. The idea is to work quickly and intuitively, never lingering very long on anything. These square paintings were made this way over the course of a few years.

They are quite small. They range in size from 6 inches to 10 inches. The materials used were the materials I was using at the time in my larger paintings - photographic imagery, spray paint, oil paint and the occasional three dimensional object.

Although my intent was to use these paintings as studies, several of them were exhibited. At one point, I showed 100 or so of them as a large grid on the wall of a gallery. This modular view had its own appeal that I hadn't noticed when making them a few at a time.

After a few years, as my paintings changed, I stopped making these pieces altogether. Some were sold, many were given away as gifts, and a few I still have.

-John F. Kieltyka