Going from Rags to Rabbits

Looking for a sweet Easter treat that isn’t loaded with sugar? Try making adorable bunnies from plain white washcloths. These bunnies make neat basket stuffers for children, small surprises for the elderly, or place card holders for your sit-down holiday meal. This project is fun, easy and perfect for crafty Grandmas, working with children over 7 years of age.

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How I fell into a reality TV show

Nick Catania and I have been fast friends since we first met - in fifth grade. We've always shared a love of music and art; the first band I was ever in was with Nick on drums, and we were both marching band geeks. We grew up supporting each others' creative endeavors, and to this day enjoy the unique rapport that comes with knowing someone since childhood. So, when Nick, who is New York-based, told me work was bringing him to Oregon, and asked if I would like to drive down from Seattle for a visit, I said yes (of course).

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Shooting Geeks for Oni Press at ECCC

I had the privilege of photographing a ton of happy people for Oni Press (Scott Pilgrim) and Comics Alliance at their joint kickoff event for this year's Emerald City Comic Con. I teamed up with my buddy Ed Peterson for this shoot, and we had a blast doing it. As the night revved up it was easier for us to convince people to take to the air, supplying all concerned with great visuals. Thanks, everyone, and thanks for the mention, Comics Alliance!

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Before Donating Your Artwork...

In this thoughtful article, Seattle painter Kate Vrijmoet addresses a growing dilemma. She joins a chorus of those who've dared to illuminate the darker underside of fundraisers/art auctions. Here, she outlines how artists' donations can actually put the loftier cause and the artists' own careers at cross-purposes. See what she offers as alternatives to this conflicting paradigm. The article is worth the read, as are the comments and responses.

Seattle artists are noted for their generosity. Could their contributions be put to better use?